Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my new cellphone

I am so stoked about my new BlackBerry Curve. Recently my other phone broke and so I got a special deal at the cellphone shop and I am now the proud new owner of a very flashy BlackBerry Curve. It's so simple to use, the track ball navigator is now my third hand and the music that i can download is constantly pumping. The thing that I like about these sorts of phones is the fact that they aren't just phones. I am quite a clumsy person and there is no point in me carrying an Ipod, telephone, video camera, camera, laptop and beeper as I'll lose it without a doubt.

My BlackBerry Curve allows me to text, navigate maps, go on the net, send emails, take photos, download music and is basically all these amazing appliances in one. The likelihood of me losing this phone isn't possible as I've attatched it to a special case and it's bright pink.